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Over 40 years in the Professional Video Production Business. Distinguished career in natural history and nature video productions, scientific studies, education and multimedia presentations. Winner of International Awards for videography and scientific content. A diversified educational, scientific and creative background in resolving biological issues and concerns as a film maker, editor, aquatic ecologist and research scientist.

Aerial, Underwater & Wildlife Movies.  Contact us for Specific Programs and Professional Editing and Program Development for Your Organization .

We shoot with 4K and 1080p multiple camera setups and edit with Final Cut Pro to give you the best quality images and programs! 


Watch Beautiful Wild Horses grazing on desert shrubs among other thorny plants.  

The closeup look at their feeding behavior demonstrates the delicate way they selectively browse on the softer leafy tissue of the shrubs. 


First in a series of BIRD WATCHING MOVIES (Episode 1), enjoy the spectacular video of wild birds in many different habitats.  The biodiversity of birds demonstrates their amazing ability to adapt and  survive providing their environments are free from pollution and degradation. BIRD WATCHING is one of the best way to relax and enjoy nature.  It gives one a real perspective and appreciation of the importance of biodiversity in biological ecosystems of planet earth.




Check out this trailer (3 minutes) for the premiere  movie "The WILD HORSES of the Salt River."  (© 2018, 53 minutes, 4K & 1080p).


Spectacular Aerial Drone Videography Demonstration (10 minutes) of Pacific ocean beaches, offshore islands, freshwater lakes, floathomes and wild horses. 


Submerged Aquatic Plants & Water Quality in Lakes

Video-"The Wise Old Owl" Speaks!

This Great Horned Owl has something to say about the Cayman Islands!

Video-Dog named Spot goes nuts over Drone!

Dog named Spot goes Crazy over chasing a Drone at the Ocean Beach!

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